What about infants on a flight?

Any infant under three (3) years of age is very welcome to fly on the lap of an adult secured by an infant seatbelt extension. Any child over three (3) years of age requires his own seat.


What about pets in a flight?

Pets are allowed in flight, but they should be accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates. Throughout the duration of the flight they should be at a specially arranged place for them. Please contact our office before the flight, in case you plan to have your pet with you.


What luggage do I bring with me?

The helicopters have limited luggage storage. The passengers must be sure that their luggage is in line with the specifications of each helicopter.

To ensure this, please contact before the end of the flight with our offices, to get informed about the luggage limit.


Required Papers / Documentation

What kind of travel documents am ‘I supposed to have with me?

Flight safety reasons require passenger identification before departing the aircraft. Therefore please carry your passport or your identifications card with you.