The Robinson Helicopter Company of Torrance California is the largest manufacturer of civil helicopters in the world. It was founded in 1973 by Frank Robinson, an ex-employee of Bell helicopters. Since delivering its first helicopter in 1979, Robinson Helicopter has produced over 8,000 aircraft. (The number was hit by an R44.) Robinson currently produces two models — the two-seat R22, and the four-seat R44, both of which use Lycoming piston engines virtually identical to those found in fixed-wing General Aviation aircraft, such as the Cessna 172.

In March 2007, Robinson announced plans for production of the Robinson R66, a 5-seat helicopter of similar configuration to the R44, but with the addition of a luggage compartment, wider cabin (by 8 inches), and powered by a Rolls Royce gas turbine engine.

In December 2007, Robinson delivered its 800th helicopter for the year, a production record. The company was the highest rated helicopter manufacturer in Rotor and Wing magazine's survey of operators.

The Mosquito helicopters are world lightest manned helicopters that has been designed and developed over the past 10 years by the engineer John Uptigrove from Innovator Technologies. Due to design simplicity and efficiency we can offer world chippers option to fly helicopter.

The Cabri G2 is a two-seat light helicopter with a three-bladed fully articulated main rotor and a fenestron-type tail rotor. It has a skid landing gear and side-by-side seating for a pilot and passenger. Powered by a 150hp Lycoming piston engine, it first flew in March 2005. It's development was preceded by a prototype Cabri G1, which flew for the first time in April 1992.

In 2006 the Cabri G2 set three world records in the sub-500 kg helicopter class. Altitude without a payload 6658m (21838 ft); Time to climb to a height of 3000m (9840 ft) in 6 min 42 secs, and Time to climb to a height of 6000m (19680 ft) in 22 min 6 sec.

It was awarded a EASA Type Certificate in December 2007. The first production aircraft is was delivered end 2008 to Ixair (France). Two helicopters have been ordered by Eurocopter for basic training. The company has also signed a deal with Eurocopter to develop an unmanned variant.