Heliline Helicopters’s dedicated team offers a First Class, personal service and is always available to offer you expert advice and a carefully chosen selection of aircraft for all your charter requirements. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and are delighted to accommodate any special or unusual request, from fine cuisine to your favourite take-away dish. Nothing is too much trouble.

An independent company, not linked to, or restricted by any particular operator, Aviation Charter’s state of the art database gives us access to all aircraft available for charter.

We charter aircraft only of the highest possible quality, from operators with the utmost reputations and operated to stringent worldwide civil aviation standards, by the most professional crews. 


Time Is Money

By flying to and from airfields of your convenience, you are able to visit a number of cities in just one or two days, where scheduled flights may mean several days away from home. So, time away from the office and home, and hotel overnights, are kept to a minimum.

Fast-Track Check-In

We are able to clear your passport in advance of your arrival at the airport, to expedite security checks and keep check-in times as short as 15-20 minutes.

VIP Check-In

Dedicated executive terminals and private lounges, designated solely for General Aviation (where available).

The main objective of the company is to develope new conditions of service for travellers, in step with the modern growth of infrastructures but also services. Also the possibility of operation of parallel activities in combination with the education will give impulse in the growth. The collection of data of service of air transportations in a multifonctional space will give new motives in the company for the quality of services but also the service of modern needs of public and not only.

The company provides modern services so much in the sector of training of pilots of private planes, and in the sector of benefit of services of service of passenger public (businessmen, televisions and more).

The air transport is highly specialised service and HELILINE HELICOPTERS provides a wide scale of services adapted to cover the requirements of customers and her collaborators. With the irreproachably educated and experienced collaborators it can arrange any air transportation from and to the all parts of interest.

Follows a list of air services that we provide:

  • Door - Door
  • Transport for tourism or amusement
  • Sightseeing Flights
  • Reports and Special Transports
  • Special agreements in fair and long-lasting contracts
  • Exchange in the interior of country and in the Balkans
  • Air conducted tour
  • Education
  • Benefit of Services in Advertising Offices
  • Benefit of services for Journalistic Garages
  • Videotaping, photographings
  • Extraordinary necessary transports
  • Collaboration of transports with tourist offices and hotels