Flight Planning & Navigation Services

The success of any international trip depends on the proper planning. Heliline Flight Planning & Navigation Services has experienced trip planners available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any and all arrangements can be made by our team members. By using our knowledge and experience your crew and passengers will feel confident in traveling internationally. Our team takes pride in offering personalized service.

We will coordinate:

• Overflight and Landing permission
• Ground Handling
• Hotel Arrangements
• Ground Transportation
• Contract Fuel
• Slot Coordination
• Flight Planning
• Flight Following
• Weather
• NOTAM Briefings
• Other ground services

Heliline Flight Planning & Navigation is done with advanced software that optimizes the flight plans, obtaining savings between 2% and 7% of the direct operating cost compared to traditional planning methods. Our computerized system creates the optimal routes by considering winds, temperatures and distances, but also overflight Eurocontrol costs and conditional routings which are loaded every day into our systems.

Once our flight dispatch is done, the crew can either access the flight briefing on a web site, receive it by fax or even download it on a 3G phone, with all the information needed. Updated weather, NOTAM's, ATC flight plan, flight log, country briefings, airport briefings, passenger information and any other requested information will be downloaded with the flight briefing.

Typically 30% to 60% of all flights can be optimized for flight time or best economical FL, a fact that will result in savings far beyond our cost.

Heliline Flight Planning & Navigation Services Optimize Airplane Routes and Speeds, Reduce Fuel Consumption and Maximize Payloads Changing weather conditions. New route restrictions. Unexpected airport closures. Dispatchers and pilots must have real-time access to this information to generate the optimum operational flight plans (OFPs) your business needs to run smoothly. These OFPs must produce the most cost-effective flight plan possible while strictly adhering to all relevant company directives – such as duty regulations.

Heliline Flight Planning & Navigation Services  is a powerful, next-generation system for generating fuel-efficient operational flight plans
Heliline Flight Planning & Navigation Services  helps your dispatchers and pilots evaluate all the external factors that affect flight plans and react more quickly to this ever-changing environment using an intuitive Web-based graphical interface. This advanced, comprehensive system promptly calculates the best OFP, taking into consideration weather, navigational data, airport restrictions and other influences.
• Easy Route and Pilot Plan – automates route maintenance and provides self-planning tools for pilots
• Crew Briefing Package – bundles flight-specific documents into one package for the flight crew and makes it available through the Internet
• FlightGlobe – provides powerful visual cues for flight watch and analysis of conditions around the world
• NOTAM and SMART NOTAM – gives critical “notices to airmen” regarding flight planning and operations
• Best Route Selection – reviews route restrictions and automatically determines flyable routes
• Automatic Airport Selection – enables selection of airports by operational hours, weather status and infrastructure status
• Historical and Statistical Weather Data – lets operators search statistical winds back to 1948 for random routes for planning and analysis
• Least Cost Flight Planning – calculates a variety of optimum flight plans reflecting chosen criteria such as fuel cost and/or over flight charges

Automate Processes and Improve Decision Making
The service-oriented architecture of Heliline Flight Planning & Navigation Services makes the addition of new services easier and the integration of your weight and balance, operation, and core systems seamless.
Our solution delivers marked improvements in:
• Quality – automates the calculation of standard OFPs, enabling staff to focus on critical OFPs
• Reliability – delivers the trouble-free, high-availability operation needed for mission-critical solutions via an optimized system with multiple hardware and connection capabilities
• Collaboration – increases operational data transparency and information sharing by integrating core systems
• Flexibility – lets you determine the appropriate features for your business and easily expand OFP capabilities as your business changes
• Management – provides in-flight management of multiple systems, including navigational data, seasonal defaults, surface weather and communications

Reduce Costs With More Effective OFPs
Tackle your two biggest cost areas – fuel and labor – with a flight-planning system developed by the world's leading airline IT services provider.
• Optimization – considers optimal tracks, route restrictions, altitude and speed profiles, and other factors in finding the most cost-effective routes
• Staffing – allows dispatchers to efficiently handle more flights by automating manual tasks and streamlining flight-planning organization
• Productivity – helps dispatchers make faster decisions and concentrate on problem flights by using a “manage by exception” interface
• Operations – lowers fuel consumption, avoids most costly over-fly regions and reduces flight times

• Over 250 Aircraft types supported
• Random Route (Minimum Time Track Analysts - MTTA), Fixed Route, or a combination of both
• Pre-Stored or Manual Input Route
• Multiple Cruise Modes (Mach, Long Range Cruise, 1 Engine Out, Special modes - 4POD,etc.)
• Altitude Control (Optimum, Profiled, or Capped)
• Origin to Origin Flight Plan
• Selection of Primary/Secondary Destination Alternates, & Takeoff Alternate
• Domestic/International Reserve/Hold Policies
• Payload (Passenger, Cargo, or Calculated Max Payload)
• Fuel Requirements (Optimum, Taxi, Circuit, Minimum Landing, Additional, Tankerage, Ramp)
• Aircraft Weights (Empty Operating Weight, Estimated Take-Off Weight, Maximum Take-Off Weight, Maximum Landing Weight)
• Multiple ETP scenarios with up to three(3) city pairs
• Reclear Flightplan (from Waypoint in Route to Reclear Destination and Reclear Alternate)
• ATC Flightplan Filing (FAA, ICAO, Eurocontrol)
• Flexible Flightplan format(s)
• Upper Level Wind Data updated twice daily
• Navigational database updated every 28 days using ARINC-424 data